This is a continuation to my previous article on things to do when writing a library or framework with Python that would make the code more maintainable and generic for extension.

Please check out my first post if not already.

Right of bat, let’s look at the problem statement.

  1. What if we are writing a library or a wrapper on top of a framework, where we are adding more functionalities to it but we would also want to make use of its underlying features without re implementing it.
  2. How to add extra capabilities for a class without modifying it or…

No one needs intro to Python being an elegant language which many love, it is backed a great community of devs and it is widely used in different applications such as data, web, Desktop GUI, Business apps etc.

But there are some caveats, understanding how python’s inner machinery works will help us code better and more importantly write generic libraries which can be maintained easily.

This whole post in an inspired by reading one of David Beazley’s book on python and we used his recipes to write a framework on top of Apache Spark for creating maintainable applications. …

vivek kumar

Hi I am Vivek. Software Engineer solving distributed and data problems and active music listener from Bach to the Beatles and every artist in between.

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